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What is “Financial Organizing” and how can it help grow the vegan economy?

With the Beyond Meat IPO, vegans now have their first publicly traded stock. But did you know the company was founded ten years ago?

Today, vegans hold about $2 trillion of publicly traded stock investments. Aside from those who purchased shares of Beyond Meat, virtually the entire $2 trillion is invested in companies that are not forwarding vegan ethical values. Waiting for more IPO’s is not the solution.

Today’s big companies often started with first round investments of as little as $200,000. If vegans only allocated 1/1000th of their stock assets to funding startups, we could fund the launch of 10,000 vegan startups!

These enormous numbers show that there is no shortage of vegan motivated investment capital to design and build the future economy in a way that expresses vegan ethics. And by working together as vegan investors, no one individual investor needs to risk funds they can’t afford. At Vegan Launch, we call this “Financial Organizing”.

Most people are familiar with political organizing where organizations gather members together to forward their values via electing their preferred candidates and attempting to influence government policies. This is very hard and costly work. When successful, the results can be profound. But decades of progress can also be easily swept away with sudden changes in political leadership.

In contrast, businesses have long term strategies. Through their marketing, they deeply train and condition culture. Part of the reason the planet is in such sad shape is that the animal exploiting industries have been using marketing for 100 years or more to convince the world culture to live in ways that increase their own profits while harming human health, exploiting animals, and bringing our ecosystems the brink of collapse. But there is no reason we can’t start new companies that teach a better way, and profit by fixing the mess left for our generation to solve!

When we only organize politically, we continue to relegate the biggest cultural decisions to the animal industries and others established economic players. This is why Vegan Launch is focused on helping investors of all economic levels work together to design and finance a future that reflects today’s more healthy and compassionate values and ethics.

The companies and business projects we launch and grow today will become tomorrow’s cultural leaders and influencers. Watch the video above to learn more about how Vegan Launch is using “financial organizing“ to help build transformational vegan companies of all types that can take the vegan economy to the next level.

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