What is a Vegan Financial Organizing Community?

What is a Vegan Financial Organizing Community?

Vegan Launch is a financial organizing community. What does that really mean? How does Vegan Launch differ from virtually every other financial site? There's really nothing like it. And today you're going to find out why.

What's a community?

A community is a group of people who are committed to one thing, or, a set of values, a set of goals. The Vegan Launch community is organized around the idea of mobilizing $1 trillion dollars of investment capital for the vegan economy, which embraces animal rights, environmental health, and, of course health and wellbeing. There are huge financial opportunities and growth in all of these areas. 

We called the company Vegan Launch because we didn't want to drop off the animal rights idea. I'm for all the plant-based innovation and all the good that comes along with that. 

But when we forget about the animals, we actually are losing the biggest financial opportunity because the awakening of society to understanding that animals have no commercial role in human culture. The greater this realization, the greater the economic transition.

When we run away from the idea of animal rights – soften it, tone it down – then we're looking at business and financial opportunities that are much weaker and don't have as strong long-term growth potential.

The beauty of the animal rights and the vegan paradigm is that it embraces human health. It embraces ecosystem vitality. I founded Vegan Launch so that we could embrace all these values at once. 

How are we different from other financial websites?

The reason Vegan Launch is so different is that we're not a matchmaking site per se. Yes, of course, if a founder wants to raise capital, they have to meet and develop business relationships with a sufficient number of qualified investors. 

By “qualified”, I mean, people who like what they're doing, are risk tolerant and, can afford to invest. If we look at the other sites in the vegan finance world, what we're seeing is that they limit the investors to only accredited investors.

Accredited investors are, for the most part, people that have a million dollars or more. Typically, that's not a low enough cutoff for even accredited investors to be really happy participating on these other sites. 

The only people who are really participating as investors on accredited investor sites are mainly venture capital funds or people at the top 1% of wealth. This is true for all the other vegan investment websites as well. 

If you go to our homepage, you'll see information showing that when we narrow the focus to just the top 1% of all investors, we're missing out on trillions of dollars of potential investment capital. And that leads to exceptionally competitive fundraising situations where we find that the vegan founders are literally in combat against each other for supposedly scarce capital.

But the fact is there's no shortage of ethically minded investment capital. If you look at the public markets, you'll see that environmentally-minded people and vegans together hold $30 trillion of public investment assets. 

There is enough ethically motivated money to fund all vegan business founders. The way that we designed the Vegan Launch community allows us to engage any investor who wants to invest even a hundred dollars in the very first round or early rounds of a vegan company.

We're using modern financial techniques that are not being used anywhere else in the world of finance, or in vegan finance in particular. We're using unique new laws, many of which only became valid for our use in 2021.

Vegan Launch is at the cutting edge of vegan finance. These new laws allow us to broaden participation so that anybody that cares about the vegan economy can jump in and help. When we reach out to the whole market of vegan and environmental investors, we're going to find some super high net worth individuals while including every caring investor.

And every person who cares has a lot of power. They can build their own sub-communities that are dedicated to veganize their hometown, their country, our their industry. 

We're truly working together with the goal that every member of Vegan Launch – whether you're an investor, whether you're a founder or whether you're a community organizer – gets a chance to help each other.

The end of competition…

Everyone is here to help each other fulfill their goals. We we've totally eliminated the idea of competition. 

This is a foreign idea for most people. We're not used to doing things in a non-cutthroat way in human culture. It takes a little getting used to, but it's already working. We have already helped early stage founders raise large amounts of money, and that's only going to grow as the community grows.

I invite you to join Vegan Launch take a look around. We've got free training for investors and free capital mentoring for vegan founders. With training and the kind of structure and peace-based community that we are building we can really change the world in a way that's just not possible using old fashioned ideas about finance and old fashioned ideas about how people can work together to make the world a better place.

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