James Aspey Interviews Andy Meddick Vegan MP

Vegan Investing – The Missing Fifth Pillar For Vegan Progress

The well-known vegan activist James Aspey recently interviewed Andy Meddick, a fellow vegan who was just elected to the Australian Parliament.

It’s awesome that a guy like Andy is now at such a high level of political leadership. In the interview video, Andy notes four pillars essential to progress on animal rights:

Political Struggle

I agree – these four pillars are essential. In fact, the animal industry currently use these same four pillars far more effectively than the vegan movement.

The animal industry is so effective because they use one extra pillar that most vegans miss – the financial pillar. Organizing investment capital is what allows the animal industry to dominate each of the other four pillars.

Few realize that average vegans together control over a trillion of dollars in investment capital. Vegan Launch is organizing these investment dollars to build and grow vegan businesses that increase the effectiveness of the vegan movement across all the other four pillars.

Movements create markets. This understanding is at the heart of how Vegan Launch merges vegan activism with investing.

We help you invest in ways that grow the vegan movement and your investment portfolio at the same time. We believe this “activist investing” is essential to bring the vegan economy to scale and finally address our world’s large most pressing challenges.

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5 Vegan Businesses You Should Be Investing In Today white thin shadow
5 Vegan Businesses You Should Be Investing In Today white thin shadow

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