Understanding money, cash flow, and assets

Understanding Money, Cash Flow, and Assets

Vegan Early Stage Investing Course: Lesson 1

Vegans have a choice when it comes to creating the future we envision. We can relegate responsibility to others, or we can use the tools at our fingertips to make collective choices that directly reshape culture.

This means not only voting with our purchases of consumer products, but also voting with our investment dollars for businesses that express vegan ethics.

That’s not quite as easy as it sounds. There is more to doing this than just picking vegan stocks on the public stock markets. Each publicly traded stock today had to start somewhere. Most of the people who come to Vegan Launch are frustrated by the lack of tradeable stocks in companies that are committed to forwarding vegan values.

The solution is early stage investing. The Vegan Early Stage Investing Course is all about giving you the basic training you need to understand early stage investing so that you can participate in a way that is both safe and rewarding for you, and let’s you help grow the vegan value companies that will lead society in the future.

In today’s lesson, we look at the ABC’s of investing which are money, cash flow, and assets. These are all concepts made up by humans because do hold agreements on these ideas produces something valuable, the ability to work together for common goals.

In the video above, I describe how money is a measure of something. That simple concept is the basis of all other notions of capitalism, finance, business, and investing.

To get more utility from the original concept of money itself, humans invented the idea of cash flow, which is like flowing water, and assets, which are like water storage tanks – and represent stored value or stored potential.

For example, if you purchase a house, you convert your cash into an asset. The house then serves as a storage container of value that can be converted back into money at some later date.

If you decide to rent the house, the monthly flow of rent is cash flow.

All businesses are build on these simple concepts of cash flow and assets. By understanding these concepts, you’re on your way to becoming a vegan financial expert!

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5 Vegan Businesses You Should Be Investing In Today white thin shadow

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Happy to inform you that – from today – I am part of your team !
    First of all and whatever happens, thank you for your efforts for trying to make this planet a better place for humans AND for animals.
    I have just watched your video “Vegan Early Stage Investing Course: Lesson 1”
    I am interested and impatient to watch all the lessons !
    Thanks for send it to my email adresse.
    Best regards

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