Vegan Launch Syndicate

A safer, more ethical way to invest in vegan startups

The Vegan Launch Syndicate offers a better way to finance most vegan companies than typical Angel and VC-style investing. Our new Convertible Equity approach provides crucial advantages to vegan founders and ethical investors everywhere.

The Problem

Experienced Angel and Venture Capital investors only fund startups where one of the following liquidity events are likely:

  1. Sale to a large publicly-traded company with deep pockets
  2. A $1B+ Initial Public Offer to become a unicorn publicly-traded company

Few vegan startups meet these criteria due to value propositions that are profoundly incompatible with acquisitions by animal-exploiting corporations, or growth curves that won’t likely lead to the unicorn-level IPO’s demanded by VC-style investors.

As a result, over 2000 vegan startups today are literally starving for capital, despite over $3 trillion of investment capital held by individual vegan investors. This unresolved capital bottleneck facing the vast majority of vegan businesses is devastating for the vegan movement and the fate of animals, people, and the planet.

To overcome this huge funding bottleneck, the Vegan Launch Syndicate is bridging the gap between millions of ethical investors worldwide and the unique financing needs of today’s vegan business founders.

How Convertible Equity Can Help Finance Most Vegan Startups

Most banks consider typical startups too risky for business loans due to lack of collateral, profits, and operating history (“seasoning”). Yet, once a history of profitable revenue is established, banks will often lend at high enough equity valuations to provide profitable exits to early investors.

This basic understanding of conventional bank financing allows the Vegan Launch Syndicate to use the best investment method for each stage of a businesses’ growth while offering ethical liquidity options to investors:

  1. Syndicate members provide equity investments to vegan startups with insufficient surplus cash flow to repay loans. Risk is distributed across multiple Syndicate members, reducing risk for any one investor.
  2. Once a startup achieves profitable cash flow, Syndicate members can convert their equity to repayable debt at a higher valuation than their original equity purchase, or in many cases, sell their equity back to the company for a single, profitable exit.
  3. High-growth companies may pursue additional equity rounds where appropriate before providing a pre-planned, ethical liquidity event.
  4. All business projects presented to the Syndicate must comply with Vegan Launch’s Checklist of Essential Items described on our Mentoring page. Founders receive ongoing mentoring and oversight after receiving capital.
  5. This advanced financing approach allows the Syndicate to fund all types of vegan startups, including restaurants, permaculture farms, and plant-based medical clinics – businesses which are vital for growing the vegan movement but off-limits for most Angel and VC-style investors.

With the Vegan Launch Syndicates’ ethical financing approach, most vegan startups can have reliable access to appropriately-structured capital and provide ethical liquidity for their early investors.

Free Membership!

Investors of any capacity around the world can participate in the Vegan Launch Syndicate at no cost.

All other vegan investor groups you may have heard about require all members to be “accredited” according to U.S. finance laws. These policies exclude the vast majority of vegan investors – millions of people!

Vegan Launch is different. We use increasingly flexible finance laws in the U.S. and around the world to design investment offers that are as inclusive as possible.

While not all “non-accredited” Syndicate members will be able to participate in every offer, our main goal since day one has been to foster the broadest possible participation in vegan investing.

To assure your best experience:

  • Please select the most appropriate Investor Type below so that we can provide you with deals that are correctly designed for you.
  • New Syndicate members typically must wait at least 30 days before receiving new investment offers to consider.
  • Vegan Launch is not a deal-shopping community. Instead, we develop one deal at a time with founders around the world to our exacting standards.
  • Actual deal-flow will depend on how many founders are working with us at any given time. We provide Syndicate members with monthly progress reports.
  • The more investors that join the Syndicate, the more deals we can develop for you, so feel free to invite your friends to sign up!

To join the Vegan Launch Syndicate, please complete the form below. If you have any last questions or difficulties signing up, please contact Vegan Launch at [email protected].

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