Only 1 in 200 (Wrodpress blogpost)

Solving the vegan capital scarcity challenge

Today, only 1 in 200 vegan business founders seeking capital receives sufficient funding to reach their next milestones. Yet there is no actual capital scarcity. Vegan investors hold $3 trillion in public stock investments. 

The Vegan Launch public investment crowdfunding platform helps investors of all types connect with vegan founders to grow the vegan economy.

We believe the best way to shift the future for animals, people, and the environment is to grow as many vegan companies as possible, which in turn help more people shift to a vegan lifestyle.

However, our current finance industry is not designed to prioritize solving critical world problems, making it very difficult for vegan entrepreneurs to raise money. Large venture capital firms and investment clubs have rigorous filtering processes keeping capital investments out of reach for most early-stage startups.

What we need instead is a non-competitive and holistic approach to fundraising so vegan entrepreneurs do not pitch against one another to raise capital, but stand together to solve pressing world challenges.

That’s why we created the first investment crowdfunding platform dedicated exclusively to vegan investing. Vegan Launch offers free mentoring to vegan entrepreneurs to help them organize and meet their next important milestones.

Moreover, the Vegan Launch Community provides entrepreneurs with networking opportunities with like-minded members and investors, opening doors to fundraising possibilities.

Our crowdfunding platform enables all types of investors to invest in vegan businesses of their choice. With the minimum investment amount as little as $100, investors can spread their risk to create diversified portfolios of their favourite vegan companies.

Our goal is that no vegan entrepreneur seeking to raise capital should be turned away as long as they are willing to follow the most basic steps to becoming ready to receive funds.

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