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A simple, more reliable, way to raise money to grow your vegan company, including free fundraising

Dear Vegan Business Founder,

As an ethical business founder and vegan since 2016, I faced the same challenges you are facing now. You’ve got a great idea. Perhaps your company is making sales and growing. But you just can’t get the capital you need to fulfill your vision.

Today, Vegan Launch is helping solve the capital raising challenge for every type of vegan business, everywhere in the world.

The VC game is not winnable for most vegan companies

You’re not alone. Today, only about 1 in 200 vegan companies ever raises any capital pursuing conventional Angel Investors and Venture Capital Funds. Why?

Experienced Angel and Venture Capital investors only fund startups where one of the following liquidity events are likely:

  1. Sale to a large publicly-traded company with deep pockets
  2. A $1B+ Initial Public Offer to become a unicorn publicly-traded company

This approach might make sense in Silicon Valley, but for most vegan founders, chasing angels and VC funds, attending pitch events, and posting on investor matchmaking sites are time and money-wasting disasters.

The few vegan companies that do raise capital this way are typically forced to sell controlling interest to animal-exploiting conglomerates in order to provide liquidity to their early investors.

Only about 1 in 10,000 companies trades publicly. Unless you are on track to becoming a $1 billion “unicorn”, chasing angles and VC’s is nearly hopeless both for your business and for the sake of the animals.

What about “Friends and Family” or Crowdfunding Rounds?

  • Most vegan startups raising capital using either of these two approaches will never have a liquidity event, leaving their friends, family, and other investors with 100% losses.
  • “Successful” crowdfunding campaigns often spend as much as 1/3 of what they raise on marketing costs, legal fees, and platform commissions. This is a terrible waste of time and money for you and your investors.
  • Without strong guidance and oversight regarding business operations and finance, most vegan companies will fail to achieve their goals in the long run. This is bad for your business, for the animals, and for all the other values you intended to advance by building your company.

To escape these limiting factors, many vegan founders take on dangerous amounts of debt out of desperation. This rarely ends well, and more often leads to business failure and bankruptcies that can affect all aspects of your life.

Raising capital for your vegan business doesn’t have to be hard if you have an expert approach, access to vegan investors, and solid mentoring & oversight.

Vegan Launch’s Solution

Vegan Launch’s fundraising approach is the result of my over forty years of ethical business experience including over 30 years of fundraising and capital leadership. To learn more about my experience in the ethical business and social change fields, please check out my Founder page

Here are the main components of Vegan Launch’s fundraising approach:

  1. We are building the free Vegan Launch Syndicate to organize a large swath of the 34 million person ethical investor market, which includes 4 million vegan investors. This allows you to spend more time building your business and less time building your investor base.
  2. Our Convertible Equity approach is suitable for every kind of vegan business, from vegan restaurants, permaculture farms, and plant-based medical clinics to highly-scalable companies.
  3. Our capitalization methods allow you to sustain your vegan ethics at every step of your entrepreneurial journey, and never have to sell out to an animal-exploiting corporation to provide liquidity for your investors.
  4. I personally provide you with highly-focused mentoring, guidance, and oversight before, during, and after your capital raise.

A new era for vegan founders

The chart below shows that there is no shortage of vegan investors. The real issue is that most vegan founders have no idea how to reach these investors and and how to effectively raise capital from them.

There is no shortage of ethical and vegan investors. Vegan Launch is organizing these investors in the Vegan Launch Syndicate so you can focus more on your business and less on raising capital.

By breaking down the capital raising process into a few simple steps and building a Syndicate of ethical investors interested in funding companies that follow these steps, Vegan Launch provides a comprehensive new approach to raising permanent capital for your vegan company for free.

Below are the essential items that need to be handled before Vegan Launch can start introducing members of our Syndicate to you. Depending on your current level of preparation and availability to focus on these items, you can be raising capital in as little as two weeks. We charge a small mentoring fee to get you prepared to receive capital from the Vegan Launch Syndicate. This fee is detailed below, and includes a limited satisfaction guarantee.

Checklist of Essential Items for Raising Capital

  1. term sheet describing the investment product you wish to sell to investors
  2. An understanding of the addressable market for your company’s products and services
  3. An investment thesis explaining why investors might wish to buy your investment product, and the ability to make your case to investors
  4. An understanding of the suitable investor market for your company’s investment product
  5. A viable liquidity plan for investors that can allow them to convert their holdings in your company into cash at some point in the future
  6. Enough leadership presence that you don’t freak out in investor meetings
  7. business bank account compliant with your country’s laws
  8. Up-to-date bookkeeping and a qualified accountant reviewing your financial records and reports with you every month
  9. A strong understanding of your firm’s financial reports and the ability to speak powerfully to investors about how your reports relate to your company’s goals, strategies, and prospects

Mentoring + Free Capital Raising Service

Since I first moved from ethical business and NGO leadership to for-profit finance, I have been regularly approached by people want me to raise capital for them for free.

Well, I am finally doing exactly that. But there are a few caveats:

  1. While we don’t charge for making capital introductions, we do charge a modest mentoring fee to take on new fundraising projects. This mentoring costs the same as all our advanced mentoring programs, $5000 per month.
  2. The purpose of the Mentoring program is to assure that you have skillfully handled all the Essential Items above and are psychologically ready to receive the full amount of capital you are seeking from investors.
  3. The mentoring program is a profound engagement, but if you allocate sufficient time, the Essential Items and meeting preparation can be completed within one month.
  4. Satisfaction Guarantee. If at any time during the Mentoring program you are not satisfied with the value, we will refund a prorated portion of the fee.
  5. Once the Essential Items are handled, Vegan Launch will make capital introductions for you without any additional charge. The comparable value of this introduction service alone is $20,000 a month or more.

Ongoing Mentoring and Oversight After the Raise

Raises don’t end when you get the cash!

Many founders fail to sufficiently engage their new investors after the raise. Many more inadvertently squander their new capital. Both of these mistakes hurt investors and your business.

A huge part of Vegan Launch’s value proposition to investors in our Syndicate is that we assure your investment offer is of sufficiently-high quality, and we provide you with a year of ongoing mentoring and oversight after the raise is complete.

We charge a reasonable fee for this year of mentoring and oversight. This fee is paid to Vegan Launch at the close of your capital round, and provides strong assurance that you will allocate your investors’ capital with 100% integrity during the first year after receiving capital.

Vegan Launch’s one-year oversight and mentoring agreement is not a sales commission, but it allows us to fulfill most founders’ desire that we raise their capital round for free. This approach is legal, reliable, and more ethical than any other fundraising service I’ve seen since 2001.

  • When you hire me to mentor you on raising capital, you are getting the best capital-raising mentoring available in the vegan financial movement, free fundraising, and my mentoring fees covered for the following year.
  • Given the extreme value, this offer is limited to two clients at a time.
Why not just do the all the mentoring and fundraising for no upfront costs?

Vegan Launch tried this zero-cost approach in various configurations from 2018 to 2022. It didn’t work. Why? Because humans use money as a powerful token of what really matters most to us. This is why money came into existence in the first place.

I discovered that many of the vegan founders I was mentoring for free were at simultaneously paying thousands of dollars to scam artists, taking harmful actions counter to my specific instructions, and failing to do the modest amount of preparation required to receive capital and manage it with integrity. I had to admit to myself that providing free mentoring simply doesn’t produce results.

The one thing required to raise capital is commitment. The $5000 upfront free is symbol of your commitment to succeed. Even if you have the money, I will not accept you as a client unless I also think you can succeed with my assistance.

The combination of your commitment and my mentoring and fundraising gives you the highest chance for success of any vegan fundraising methods available today.

Special pricing for non-Western founders

I understand that the incredibly reasonable mentoring fee may be out of reach for some vegan founders in non-western economies. If that describes you, we will seek to subsidize this fee to a level that is appropriate to your local economy and budget.

Other Ways to Get Help

If you don’t have the $5000 required for the Mentoring program, our Patreon site provides less-costly options to engage with me personally in a more limited way.

  • At the $100/month and $250/month levels, you can post any questions you might have, which I will answer in videos.
  • At $500/month, you can send your question directly to me and I will reply privately. 

How to Get Started

To explore working with Vegan Launch to raise capital for your company, please contact me personally via LinkedInFacebook, or Twitter

Mark Winstein
Founder, Vegan Launch