The Vegan Launch Funding System

raise money to help launch and grow your vegan business

Design your financial offer with our guidance in The Vegan Launch Entrepreneur Mentoring Platform. Then raise capital in The Vegan Launch Investor Platform.

the vegan launch entrepreneur mentoring platform

Today, pioneering companies are proving that bold missions and strong profits go hand in hand.

In The Vegan Launch Entrepreneur Mentoring Platform, we help you identify crucial values, strategies, and profit drivers that make your business compelling to vegan-minded investors.

Your information is kept confidential as we help you plan the shortest path to designing your financial offer and raising capital for your business. 

Once you are prepared and legally-compliant to receive investments, you can list your project for free on The Vegan Launch Investor Platform and access other valuable fundraising resources.

why do we provide free vegan entrepreneur mentoring?

The market opportunities for vegan economic transformation are $10 trillion or more. Old-style competitive approaches are not well-suited for taking on such a large-scale effort. 

We believe every vegan entrepreneur deserves the chance to succeed. We’re doing our utmost to streamline the funding process. 

Given the massive need for entrepreneurial leadership, our mission is to eliminate every obstacle to your success, including not charging you money to help you raise money. 

One of the most enjoyable parts of our mentoring program is that once you understand what investors really want, your skills as a vegan entrepreneur will grow, making it easier to handle any business challenge you might face.