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Vegan Launch founder Mark WinsteinDear Vegan Business Founder,

When I see vegan founders compete with each other for capital, I feel sick. 

Because I know that vegan investors hold $3 trillion of public investment assets. And most of these 4 million vegan investors are searching for founders like you to give meaning and serious returns to their portfolios. 

What's more, vegan investors are a subset of the $30 trillion environmentally-minded investor market. And as more environmentalists go vegan, the vegan investor market is scaling rapidly!


We've all seen them. Hundreds of vegan founders competing with their peers for a handful of opportunities to pitch to “the big players”. Why are vegans fighting with each other for money when trillions of dollars of capital are held by millions of vegan investors who are passionate about animals, people, and the planet?

And if there are so many vegan (and soon to be vegan) investors, why do over 99% of vegan founders fail to raise capital?

The answer is product to market fit.

When you set out to raise capital, you are creating an investment product. 

Until recently, marketing early-stage investment products (offers) publicly has been illegal in most countries. Founders have only been allowed by law to market “private offers” to exceptionally wealthy investors. These restrictive laws created a false appearance of financial scarcity for most business founders.

The result is what we see so often today, extreme and needless competition between vegan founders for capital. 

At Vegan Launch, we believe needless financial competition is bad for animals, bad for people, and bad for the planet. Instead, we offer a fully collaborative approach to capitalizing your vegan company based on modern “public venture capital” laws and techniques. 


There is no capital shortage for solving today's urgent challenges, only needlessly constrained capital flow from public investors into the thousands of companies aiming to help the world go vegan.

Why we're different

How it Works


Register as a paid Activist member at the same price as every other member. Then sign in and join the Founders group.


Vegan Launch will guide you step by step from where you are today to capital success. We don't give up or say no to your vision. 


The entire EU and many other countries are moving quickly to catch up with US public offer regulations. Our mentoring and capital strategies are useful for founders everywhere.

Why it Works


Instead of following outdated "private capital" strategies, vegan companies can now systematically raise early funding rounds of $50,000 to $75 million from the general public. 


With our "public venture capital" approach, you can now freely raise capital from your friends, family, customers, and more in amounts as little as $100.


Thanks to new regulations as of March 2021, most vegan companies can start raising capital within a few weeks by following Vegan Launch's proven method. 

The Crucial History of Raising Capital

Before the Great Depression of 1929, the US and most other capitalized countries had completely unregulated capital markets. This was called “laissez-faire” capitalism. 

Starting with the Securities Act of 1933, and in reaction to the Depression, the US began shifting away from “laissez-faire” capitalism to regulated financial markets. Suddenly, it became illegal for founders to advertise for investors unless they could afford to hire costly teams of securities attorneys to comply with the new public offering laws. Most other capitalist countries of the world also heavily regulated their capital markets.

Founders in every field have been scrambling to raise capital ever since. Only a few percent have succeeded.

The regulations of the 1930's gave rise to the dreaded “friends and family” round as well as the venture capital firm – a finance company business model neatly designed to avoid having to comply with as many of the new regulations as possible. It turned out that avoiding costly regulations also meant excluding the majority of investors from participating in startup funding.

VC firms raise capital from pension funds, endowments, and the top 1% of individual investors. In light of this understanding about how VC firms operate, the above charts illustrate that remaining 99% of vegan public stock investors hold well over $2 trillion in capital, yet have few if any opportunities to invest in the thousands vegan startups seeking capital today.

This imbalance of access to capital is exactly why it has been so hard for vegan founders to raise capital. Until now…

Fortunately, in 2012, US financial laws began to move back toward permitting free speech and advertising of investment offers for founders. And in March, 2021, the laws improved dramatically, making it easier and less costly for vegan founders to raise capital from their most likely investors – their customers, and the larger vegan investor market.

But it's still not a vegan cakewalk!

When I first set out to connect passionate “retail” investors with “impact” entrepreneurs back in 2021, legal fees alone for raising capital privately (no public marketing) started at $50,000. Today, under the new US financial rules, legal compliance costs can be covered for free, if you follow Vegan Launch's streamlined capital approach.

That still can leave a few hurdles for many vegan founders:

  1. A significant amount of time and money is typically needed to reach your ideal investor market.
  2. GAAP compliant financial statements are required to raise capital via public offers (aka, investment crowdfunding).
  3. Non-US founders must establish a US entity if they wish to raise capital publicly in the US.

But here's some good news…

Before March 2021, all of these costs needed to be borne by the founder before any public fundraising could take place. Now, you can start raising capital with no out of pocket expenditures under new Testing the Waters rules. 

If you look into traditional finance, you will come to understand that all serious investments in early-stage companies start with agreements in principle before any actual money changes hands. Now, finally, this normal, smart fundraising practice is once again legal for all founders and all investors, not just the top few!

This means that with Vegan Launch's guidance, you could be starting your capital raise shortly after joining our Founder Mentoring Program. 

Let me be completely honest…

Raising capital is very different from selling your products and services. It is a long term commitment to your investors. For most founders, successfully raising capital means shifting a lot of ingrained beliefs and habits. 

The amount of leadership growth needed to receive capital can be daunting for many founders. Just like many people fear public speaking, raising capital can stir up our deepest self-doubts. Being ready to transform any residual fear into action can allow you to create the business and world of your vision. 

If challenging yourself to become a true economic leader sounds exciting to you, I encourage you to review the Mentoring Program details below, and sign up if it's right for you!

Yours truly,

Mark Winstein
Founder & Chief Mentor

benefits of the mentoring program


Private Founders Q&A discussion group with regular Zoom meetings for personal attention.


Step by step guidance from where you are today to capital success. We don't give up or say no to your vision. 


Direct access to key vegan service providers such as fractional CFO's and deal marketing teams.


Learn how to raise capital from customers, the public, and even VC firms in amounts starting at just $100.


Program designed and led by Mark Winstein, Vegan Launch founder and lifelong impact entrepreneur.


The program is ideal for founders seeking to raise from $50,000 to $75 million without relying on VC firms.


Founders around in the world can raise funds although some costs may be higher for non-US founders.


The EU and other countries are moving quickly to catch up with US regulations. Our mentoring is useful everywhere.

risks of the mentoring program


Raising capital can require a substantial commitment of time and attention from business founders.


If you don't have GAAP compliant financials, you may need to spend $1000 or more to bring your books up to date.


Vegan Launch is not a funding entity itself. We can not guarantee success, only help you take the shortest path.


The Mentoring Program is only for founders who follow a vegan lifestyle and are committed to animal rights.


We request a monthly Founder Membership fee for the Mentoring Program. Monthly payments are not refundable. 


You may need more information to decide. Please email Vegan Launch with any pre-sale questions.

Mark was incredibly helpful in pushing me to think bigger and refining my pitch to plant-based investors, which ultimately lead to me closing my pre-seed raise within weeks of his coaching.

Aki Kaltenbach, Founder, Save da Sea

Not only is Mark a wealth of knowledge on raising capital and vegan business, but he’s also incredibly humble. Because of his advice early on, we received the funding our company needed to get started. I’m excited to follow Vegan Launch, what he’s created is nothing short of amazing.

Margaux Khoury, Co-Founder, Impact Veganics

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