Learn from a 40-year pioneer in ethical business, impact finance, and peace-based leadership

Dear Friends,

I may not be famous, but I have learned powerful lessons attempting (and sometimes achieving) the impossible.

Along the way, I have received personal mentoring, advice, and training directly from some of the most successful leaders in fields of environment, politics, business, healing, and peak performance.

A secret to my endurance for pursuing Vegan Launch’s goals through thick and thin has always been to provide mentoring and training as freely as I can. Today, my time is much more limited, but I can still provide you with invaluable, experience-based guidance in two ways:

  1. I am accepting a limited number of one-on-one mentoring clients for the monthly cost of $5000. I am available to meet with you at least once per week, and more when rapid turnarounds will make a big difference.
  2. If you join the Vegan Launch Patreon Community at the $100 monthly level, you can ask me all the questions you like, and I will answer them promptly in video lessons that benefit you and the whole community.

What experience can I bring to your goals?

Below are some highlights of the skills I can bring to your business and leadership efforts. To learn more about my experiences in the ethical business and social change fields, please check out my Founder page

  • Decades of public speaking experience, including testifying in the U.S. Congress, and appearing on national television and radio shows.
  • Led national organizing campaign resulting in the repeal of one of the most environmentally destructive federal laws in U.S. history.
  • Raised over $5 million in donations, debt, and equity capital for challenging ethical projects which required mastering what I now call the “art of receiving”. 
  • 20+ years experience in navigating the U.S. finance laws that make it extremely difficult to find investors for companies and projects like yours.
  • Developed over 160 e-commerce websites as a consultant and for my own business projects.
  • 23+ years of inner work, which allows me to rapidly guide others into highly productive and peaceful states.
  • Healed myself of numerous illnesses with a combination of a plant-based diet and inner work, including life threatening GERD and chronic fatigue.

For each of these skills and experiences, you might find a person who is expert in one or two areas. As a “super generalist” and highly intuitive thinker, I can quickly help you identify the resolve almost any issues you might be facing in your business, your leadership approach, and your personal life. 

Below are the main topics people for which people seek my guidance…

Strategy & Raising Capital

The main ways to succeed in ethical business are:

  1. Trial and error (slow and painful)
  2. Find an experienced mentor (fast and fun)

If you’re ready to move beyond the trial and error method, I would enjoy helping you reach your vegan business goals.

Strategic planning is key to growing any business. Many first time entrepreneurs just wing this part, only to find out much later that they went down the wrong path.

You’re going to spend a lot of time and money growing your business. Creating a great strategic plan with my help will save you vast amounts of both. My planning is so easy. Why not take the shortest path to success?

Going it alone can be much more damaging if you are building a company that might require capital at some point. Postponing capital planning or winging it can result in losing your entire business, or at minimum, never coming close to fulfilling your vision.

Understanding basic financing will help you make the best decisions at every stage, from drawing board to operations. So many founders have come to me when it’s far too late. I often hear from people when they’re down to their last nickel. Don’t be that vegan founder!

Vegan companies looking for funding are too often busy to learn how the money game works.
It can be challenging to raise capital while operating your vegan business. 
My mentoring will help you quickly understand and streamline the process.
A unique approach to funding your company

Vegan Launch is going far beyond business and capital mentoring by building our own investor syndicate of people interested in funding companies that meet our investment guidelines.

Unlike VC funds that filter out well over 99% of applicants, our unique investment syndicate is based on an inclusive financing model that can support any business, from one-off vegan restaurants to scalable enterprises.

If you are seeking investment capital from Vegan Launch or anyone else, you generally will need to have the following items handled. If any of these items are new to you or not completed, you would benefit from one-on-one mentoring with me.

Checklist of Essential Items for Raising Capital

  1. term sheet describing the investment product you wish to sell to investors
  2. An understanding of the addressable market for your company’s products and services
  3. An investment thesis explaining why investors might wish to buy your investment product, and the ability to make your case to investors
  4. An understanding of the suitable investor market for your company’s investment product
  5. A viable liquidity plan for investors that can allow them to convert their holdings in your company into cash at some point in the future
  6. Enough leadership presence that you don’t freak out in investor meetings
  7. business bank account compliant with your country’s laws
  8. Up-to-date bookkeeping and a qualified accountant reviewing your financial records and reports with you every month
  9. A strong understanding of your firm’s financial reports and the ability to speak powerfully to investors about how your reports relate to your company’s goals, strategies, and prospects

Healing & Peak Performance

Learn new paradigms for healing chronic illness and achieving your life goals

Western medicine and psychology mostly seek to help people who are suffering become functional. This is a worthy goal, but for those of us who want something more, there is a lot more to life than simply being functional.

When it comes to healing our bodies, western medicine often has no answers. Over my lifetime of taking on difficult challenges and resolving frustrating illnesses and social situations, I have developed a set of reliable yet easy methods that can both help you heal illness and create a life you truly love.

Here are some of the benefits I’ve accomplished in my own life while learning my approach to solving big challenges:

  1. Ended decades of severe acid reflux (GERD) and cluster headaches, lost weight, reversed chronic fatigue, and much more.
  2. Went from being upset most of the time to being joyous, creative, and grateful most of the time.
  3. Resolved years of sorrow and regret over my role in the breakup of my family to now being at peace and living a productive and fulfilling life.
  4. I now live in a way where many of my desires are fulfilled with little or no effort, and where the impossible is just a little bit harder.

We Create From Our State

The essence of my teaching is: We create from out state. What does this mean?

  • When we feel unhappy, we take actions that lead to more unhappiness
  • When we feel powerful, we can see the easiest paths forward that were previously hidden from view
  • When we are loving, we create more love and prosperity for ourselves and others in the world

The inner world is not the only world. I have had my fair share of spiritually-oriented business coaches. What they all lacked was experience taking practical, on-the-ground actions that allow you to actually fulfill your dreams. With me, you get both: powerful inner understandings and powerful, pragmatic action steps.

Expand Your Investing and Leadership Results

In my work as a national environmental leader and fundraiser, I had the opportunity to meet and learn from many exceptionally wealthy and powerful individuals.

Yet despite having a huge presence in the world, many of these folks were quite frustrated and saddened by the enormity of the issues facing the planet. It’s one thing to be a billionaire. It’s another thing to transform culture in ways that increase peace and prosperity for all beings.

Having been raised middle class, it was strange for me to see first hand that wealth and power in itself doesn’t necessarily lead to happiness and fulfillment. What’s more, as a successful environmental organizer, I became a little frustrated myself seeing such celebrated people who cared about what I did squander their money and status rather than using these rare assets in the most powerful ways possible for our common goals.

If you are a wealthy or famous individual, or just an average person like me, and you want to expand your ability to make a difference in the world, I would love to teach you little-known methods to maximize your ability to produce ethical results in the world without compromising your net worth or your personal reputation.

Getting Started

To explore the possibility of working with me as your one-on-one mentor, please contact me personally via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter to initiate an introductory discussion. 

Mark Winstein
Founder, Vegan Launch