Vegan Launch Founder Eyes McDonald's

Is the new McVegan burger a real step toward greater animal rights, or the beginning of the end of veganism?

Should vegans allow McDonald’s to redefine veganism?

Vegans rightly can take pride in the fact that old-line corporations are inching forward toward providing cruelty free products as options to their established product lines.

It is a victory that enterprises with no commitment to animal rights finally recognize vegans as a market. This is also a potentially dangerous pivotal moment for the future of veganism as an ethical movement.

Organic food went through a drastic “dumbing down” in the 1990’s. As the organic movement grew into the organic market, several regional organizations emerged to uphold the vital and financially valuable meaning of the word “organic”.

Big agribusiness did what big business always does when they see someone else making money via ethical leadership. They went to their friends in Washington, D.C. and sought to create a “single standard”. Big ag’s sole aim was to reap new profits by selling food labeled “organic” without having to adhere to the carefully developed standards.

Fortunately, there was enough pushback to maintain a significant distinction between organic and “conventional” agriculture. But make no mistake – food labeled organic today is of far lower quality than it was before the USDA rating came into existence.

Vegans have better options today than our activist predecessors. Together, vegans control approximately $2 trillion worth of public stocks investments.

By joining together financially, vegans could purchase controlling interest in McDonald’s and transform the company from inside the boardroom. Combined with the lower true cost of vegan food, McDonald’s could become the most profitable and ethical vegan restaurant chain in the world.

I created Vegan Launch so that vegans won’t have to act like underdogs, begging old corporate leaders for favors. Vegan Launch allows both non-accredited and accredited vegan investors to work together for progress on animal rights, human health, and environmental vitality.

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