Want to invest in vegan companies but don’t know how?

Vegan Launch provides direct access to early-stage vegan investments that express your values – on a budget you can afford!


Early-stage investors set the direction of westernized societies. The companies you help launch today will lead society tomorrow.


Take activism beyond urging government and big business to change. As an Investor Activist,  you can help set the agenda. 


Now you can invest in new vegan startups. You don’t need to wait for companies to go public to profit in the booming vegan economy. 

Do you find it frustrating watching movie stars invest in vegan startups while you're left searching for ways to participate?

You went vegan, and you’re loving it. Or maybe you’ve been vegan for years, and helped others learn the truth about animal rights, human health, and the environment. 

And now, finally, you can see rays of light – the vegan economy is growing! But when you look at your investment portfolio, it seems so out of step with your values…

  • Have you been looking for ways to invest in the vegan economy, but finding opportunities seems nearly impossible?
  • Does your employer offer a retirement account but you’d rather invest into individual vegan companies?
  • Does your financial planner try to change the subject whenever you bring up investing with your values?
  • Why does your stock broker keep showing you the “least bad” instead of companies that are actually doing good?

You’re not alone! At Vegan Launch, we understand value-driven, impact investing. We know that doing well while doing good is not only possible, it is profitable! 

Stop searching! We find the coolest vegan investment opportunities for you! And we go the extra mile to make participation in these deals accessible to the vast majority of vegan investors around the world.

It's up to you...

Today, there are few if any truly vegan companies on the public stock markets. And let’s not forget that Beyond Meat was founded ten years before its long awaited IPO. 

Thanks to new finance laws in the U.S. and other countries, you don’t need to be a bystander in the fast growing vegan economy anymore.

By investing together, Vegan Launch members make a real difference helping launch and grow vegan-value businesses that will become tomorrow’s cultural leaders. 

What if investing in vegan startups was easy, fun, and affordable?

Until now, most early-stage investments in vegan companies have only been accessible to venture capital funds and ultra high net worth individuals who can afford minimum investments of $25,000 to $100,000 or more.  

These limits restrict participation to a only small handful of vegan investors. This is not the best way to address big challenges like animal rights, environmental destruction, and needless human illness and suffering. 

Instead, Vegan Launch coordinates with entrepreneurs to break these large minimums into much smaller pieces. Our members can typically participate for just $1000 per investment, and sometimes even less!

Instead of searching for deals, you get email notifications of new deals on a regular basis. Participate as much or as little as you like. 

Note: Vegan Launch membership is most suitable for those who can afford to invest at least $1000 per deal in five deals per year. 

Be part of a community of like minded investors!

Throughout the year, we send you opportunities to invest early-stage vegan companies.

We are currently developing member investment opportunities in Food Products, Restaurants & Hospitality, Health Care & Wellness, Clothing & Accessories, Personal Care Products, and much more..

As our membership grows, we are steadily reducing the minimum investment amount typically required to participate in early-stage vegan investment deals.

What happens once I become a Vegan Launch Investor Member?

Vegan Launch is part of a growing network of vegan “lead investors”, venture funds, and entrepreneur communities. When you join Vegan Launch, you gain direct access to the kinds of vegan investors deals that most investors only read about in the news.

Our vegan investment opportunities are sourced globally from:

  • Individual vegan entrepreneurs
  • Vegan friendly angel investors and venture funds
  • Unique business and financial projects designed in house
  • Our Investor Member community itself

Thanks to our unique membership service, Vegan Launch provides our investor members from every country and economic status with opportunities to invest in early-stage vegan businesses before they go public or merge with larger companies.

As an Investor Member, you’ll receive six or more carefully designed investment opportunities per year. Most have a minimum buy-in of just $1000, and sometimes even less.

Some of our members can only afford to invest a few thousand dollars per year. Others can invest tens of thousands a year or more! By working together, we all become more effective at creating a world that reflects our vegan values.

Here’s what you can expect when you join…

  • When we have a new deal for you to consider, we send out a notification to members to gauge overall community interest in the project.
  • Based on our members' verbal interest, we'll move forward into more detailed research and diligence. Then we begin formalizing deal terms.
  • Members are invited to participate in the diligence process, and to meet the company founders via live web conference calls.
  • Once deal terms are finalized and agreed on by members, funds move into escrow with the entrepreneur's attorney.
  • After final documents are signed, our members become direct investors in the vegan startup. Vegan Launch never holds your investment funds.

Unlike most other investment portals and services, Vegan Launch does not charge commissions or success fees. Our role is entirely transparent. The low annual membership fee covers all the internal costs required to provide these unique services to our Investor Members. 

Keeping our business earnings completely separate from success on any particular deal helps assure that Vegan Launch’s own profit motivation is aligned with doing the most good, not just making the most money for ourselves. This type of values-aligned business design is absent in most every other part of today’s financial industry. 

Bonus – did you know that some countries and jurisdictions give substantial rebates to investors in early stage companies? Wherever possible, Vegan Launch helps you maximize the impact of your investment budget with these incentives!

Invest with your vegan values

We all know we need to invest for our future, but most caring investors hate their portfolios. Why? 

The vast majority of publicly traded stocks reflect a bygone era in which animals rights, human health, and protecting the environment were viewed as a drain on profits. 

Today, it’s easy to make consumer purchases that express your vegan values. But what about voting with your investment dollars? 

Today, building a modern, values-driven portfolio means investing in “privately held” companies that don’t currently trade on the public stock exchanges. 

With unique access to private investment offers, our members enjoy helping grow vegan-value companies that advance animal rights, human health, and ecosystem vitality at any scale from local to global.

Activism for values and profits

The animal industries and other destructive business sectors all pay activists, councils, associations, and lobbyists to do one thing – increase profits. 

Many vegan activists believe that education, appeals to elected officials, and personal spending are the only ways to create change. Fortunately, the vegan movement has created a vibrant and growing market. 

Vegan Launch members learn how to master early stage investing and spot financial opportunities that also help broaden the acceptance of vegan ethics. 

By investing in companies that share your values, you help take vegan activism to a new level, improve your personal finances, and create vegan jobs. 

In turn, growth of the vegan economy helps motivate governments to reverse long standing policies that harm animals, people, and our environment. 

Get Started

Vegan Launch members are having fun and making a difference. You can too! Join today and start participating in the exploding vegan economy. 

Deal notifications are sent to your email inbox on a regular basis. You’ll enjoy taking an active role, helping change the world and building a portfolio you can love!

As we grow, we are designing new and more impactful ways for you to create our vegan future as an “investor activist”!

Vegan investors can lead the world...

Dr. Dean Ornish estimates that Americans spend $3 trillion annually on chronic illnesses tied to eating animals. Transforming human health through diet and lifestyle change is just one of many enormous market opportunities for vegan investors and entrepreneurs.

Of course, tackling large-scale challenges requires money. Fortunately, today’s vegan investors hold an estimated $2 trillion in publicly traded stocks. Shifting just a tiny portion of these holdings into vegan startups can change the world.

Clearly there is no shortage of money to solve today’s challenges. Instead, creativity, leadership, and financial organizing is needed. Vegan Launch is here to help you invest in vegan businesses that can scale to meet today’s biggest challenges.

Vegan Launch Investor Membership

Suitable For Non-Accredited and Accredited Investors*
US $ 500 per year
  • 6 to 12 vegan investment opportunities provided annually
  • Impartial, non-commission investment marketing
  • Minimize financial risk while maximizing investment productivity and purpose driven outcomes​
  • Due diligence reports on each opportunity
  • Opportunities to work in a coordinated way with other vegan investors
  • Annual membership fee comparable to a high quality investment newsletter
  • Introductory signup bonus: 18 months membership for price of 12 months!
50% bonus
  • Accredited individuals have annual earned income of $200,000 or more OR $1 million or more in net worth. See full definition.

Mark Winstein
Founder – Vegan Launch

Who am I to be telling you all this?

I'm Mark Winstein, and I want to show you how to use finance as a new, powerful platform for vegan and environmental progress.

Throughout my life, I have worked to solve ecological, social, and health challenges with creative business, financial, and social organizing strategies.

I started my first “purpose driven” environmental business in 1983. By 1990, I was one of the youngest environmental NGO directors in Washington, D.C.

In Washington, I learned about large scale ecosystem restoration projects financed by private sector investors. I also watched organic food brands grow from a few items to mergers with huge companies. 

These experiences solidified my belief that purpose driven businesses can be built to solve big challenges in ways that are not possible via charities, NGO’s, and governments alone.

In 2001, I set out to design, fund, and grow ecologically motivated business at a rapid pace. It wasn’t easy. Back then, neither activists nor business leaders could comprehend what I was seeing – that businesses could do real good and make a solid profit at the same time. 

The opportunities to invest for good have never been as large as they are in the vegan economy today. I am committed to growing vegan value, purpose driven businesses with the maximum possible participation by the general public.  

As the Vegan Launch community grows, investor members will be able to work together in new ways to benefit the animals, human health, and the environment. I look forward to sharing this adventure with you!

Got a Question?

Your answer may be covered below...

Do I need to be a U.S. citizen to participate?

No. Investor Membership is open to citizens of every country. Our projects are sourced globally as well.

Do I need to be “accredited” to participate?

No. Vegan Launch members do not need to meet any financial criteria to participate as investors.

Isn’t investing in startups risky?

Yes it is. Most people are familiar with public stock investing in which total loss is less likely, and average investors are typically happy if they can earn about 6% per year after inflation and fees. 

In contrast, investing in startups is characterized by many utter losses, with, hopefully, a handful of high growth successes. 

Vegan Launch helps investors limit risks through diligence reports and encourages diversification via smaller investment minimums than are normally available with early stage investing. 

In any case, you should not invest any funds in private companies that you cannot afford to lose entirely. 

What kind of investment returns can I expect from early stage vegan investing?

While most returns from public stock investing come from marginal growth of very large businesses, early stage profits come from rapid growth of very small companies. 

Because the vegan economy is so new, and with so little public information available on the privately held businesses in the vegan sector, there is no way to predict future growth based on past performance. 

We feel that predicting the future based on past performance is not a sound investment approach even with public stocks. Instead, we teach our investor members how to understand the relationship between business milestones and business valuations. 

One of the main drivers of financial growth in early stage investing is that the larger and more successful a company becomes, the higher multiples future investors are willing to pay to invest as the risk of total failure becomes less. 

Investors who are comfortable with the risks associated with investing in very early capital rounds benefit by the rapid expansion in future valuations possible if the company can grow steadily during the first five years.

How do we define a vegan business?

(A) The company aims to deliver benefits reflecting the vegan value set – animal rights, human health, and ecological vitality. Projects that are highly focused on one aspect are ok. Projects with multiple benefits are better. Projects that benefit one aspect but produce obvious negative outcomes in others require revision.

(B) The lead entrepreneur and key staff should be committed vegans themselves or well on their way. The company does not use any part of its business operations to infringe on animal rights or pay for animal cruelty, including cafeteria meals, per diems, testing, or other so-called “incidental” uses.  

(C) The capital plan and business concept make sense to investors on their own merits, and do not require investors to take a charitable view of the company to rationalize their investment decision.

The final decision on the worthiness of a project is made by our investor members themselves. We present concepts to investors as early as possible to gauge interest and gather useful feedback for entrepreneurs.

Can I trust Vegan Launch with my money?

The only money Vegan Launch collects from you is your membership fee. We do not collect commissions and all investments are made directly into the offering company. In the end, you yourself are ultimately and directly responsible for your investment decisions. 

Unfortunately, due to the laws governing private investing, there is a lot we can’t say here that we can only say to paid members. What we can say is that by participating in the investor community, you will become more and more comfortable with early stage investing so that you can take greater responsibility for your investment decisions and outcomes. 

This an important contrast to most public stock brokers and advisors. The financial design of their business typically leads these professionals to discourage you from taking direct responsibility for your investment outcomes. 

Because they make their money from commissions and other percentage based fees, most financial service firms will never advise you to invest in asset classes that they are not licensed to offer to you, such as real estate or privately held startups. 

In contrast, our goal is to grow the vegan economy, and draw an increasingly straight line between investment decisions and real, measurable results for the benefit of animals, humans, and the environment. All of our internal financial incentives are transparent and aligned with this one goal.

What is the minimum I need to invest each year?

To get the most out of your membership, we currently recommend that our members be able to pay the annual membership fee, and then be able to invest $1000 or more into at least five offers per year. This is a total minimum annual allocation of about $6000. Aside from the membership fee, you are not obliged to participate in any investment offers.

We strongly discourage members from investing any funds for which total loss would be unacceptable. 

What deals have I missed so far?

Since we opened investor membership in December 2018, Vegan Launch members have committed funds to a Silicon Valley vegan tech firm and a fast-growing plant based consumer packaged goods company. 

We have a long list of opportunities lined up for future financing. Members help select the deals that are most interesting to them as a community. 

I know about a cool vegan business project. Can they apply for funding?

Yes. Vegan Launch has a complete process for receiving projects directly from entrepreneurs. We do not charge upfront or success fees to introduce well-prepared entrepreneurs to our investor member community. 

Will you promote slow growth projects, like one-off restaurants and small vegan businesses?

Yes. One of the great things about joining Vegan Launch is that we do not constrain opportunities to meet the narrow investment criteria of most venture capital funds or professional angel investors. 

Growing the vegan economy requires multiple financial approaches. Just because a business isn’t exploding on Wall Street doesn’t mean it can’t make a for a strong vegan investment opportunity that can change lives.

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