Vote With Your Investment Dollars

Vegan entrepreneurs are creating animal free solutions from plant-based mock meats to leather-free Tesla seats. Get in on the ground floor with Vegan Launch.


Early-stage investors set the direction of westernized societies. The companies you help launch today will lead society tomorrow.


Take activism beyond urging government and big business to change. As an Investor Activist,  you can help set the agenda. 


Now you can invest in new vegan startups. You don’t need to wait for companies to go public to profit in the booming vegan economy. 


Do you worry about what the future holds for you and your family? Vegan startups are working to solve our most important challenges. We help you find and invest in early-stage vegan businesses that are ready to grow and create a better future.

It's up to you...

Today, there are no truly vegan companies trading on the public stock markets. The few that may go public soon were founded many years ago. 

Thanks to new finance laws in the U.S. and other countries, you don’t need to be a bystander in the fast growing vegan economy anymore.

By investing together, Vegan Launch members make a real difference helping launch and grow vegan-value businesses that will become tomorrow’s cultural leaders. 


Movements create markets. Are you frustrated watching activists work as volunteers while backward-thinking corporations soak up the profits made possible by their efforts? Vegan Launch is pioneering something new – the Activist Investor.

Invest with your vegan values

We all know we need to invest for our future, but most caring investors hate their portfolios. Why? 

Your public stock portfolio reflects a bygone era in which animals rights, human health, and protecting the environment were viewed as a drain on profits.

Today, it’s easy to make consumer purchases that reflect your vegan values. But what about voting with your investment dollars? 

Our members invest in vegan-value companies that advance animal rights, human health, and ecosystem vitality at any scale from local to global.

Activism for values and profits

The animal industries and other destructive business sectors all pay activists, councils, associations, and lobbyists to do one thing – increase profits. 

Why shouldn’t you profit from your vegan activism and consumer purchases? 

By investing in companies that share your values, you help take vegan activism to a new level, improve your personal finances, and create vegan jobs for others. 

Vegan Launch members learn how to master early stage investing and spot financial opportunities fueled by the rapid growth of vegan ethics. 


Are you concerned that investing to “do good” means sacrificing profits? This could not be farther from the truth. The vegan economy is bursting with vast growth opportunities. Vegan companies can be among the most profitable. 

Vegan investors can lead the world...

Dr. Dean Ornish estimates that Americans spend $3 trillion annually on chronic illnesses tied to eating animals. Transforming human health through diet and lifestyle change is just one of many enormous market opportunities for vegan investors and entrepreneurs.

Of course, tackling large-scale challenges requires money. Fortunately, today’s vegan investors hold an estimated $2 trillion in publicly traded stocks. Shifting just a tiny portion of these holdings into vegan startups can change the world.

Clearly there is no shortage of money to solve today’s challenges. Instead, creativity, leadership, and financial organizing is needed. Vegan Launch is here to help you invest in vegan businesses that can scale to meet today’s biggest challenges.

Get Started

Have you been looking for ways to invest in the vegan economy, but finding opportunities seems nearly impossible? You’re not alone! At Vegan Launch, we understand value-driven, impact investing and make it easy for you to participate.

Join the Vegan Launch community. Build a portfolio you can love!

Throughout the year, we send you opportunities to invest early-stage vegan companies.

We are currently developing member investment opportunities in Food Products, Restaurants & Hospitality, Health Care & Wellness, Clothing & Accessories, Personal Care Products, and much more..

As our membership grows, we are able to steadily reduce the minimum investment amount typically required to participate in early-stage vegan investment deals.

Soon, members will be able to invest as little as $100 in vegan-led, vegan values companies that advance animal rights, human health, and ecosystem vitality.

Vegan Launch Investor Membership

Suitable For Non-Accredited and Accredited Investors*
US $ 500 per year
  • 6 to 12 vegan investment opportunities provided annually
  • Impartial, non-commission investment marketing
  • Minimize financial risk while maximizing investment productivity and purpose driven outcomes​
  • Due diligence reports on each opportunity
  • Opportunities to work in a coordinated way with other vegan investors
  • Annual membership fee comparable to a high quality investment newsletter
  • Introductory signup bonus: 18 months membership for price of 12 months!
50% bonus
  • Accredited individuals have annual earned income of $200,000 or more OR $1 million or more in net worth. See full definition.
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