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Vegan startups are shaping the future. Help grow the vegan economy by investing in companies that share your vegan values.

things are changing

Before 2016, only the wealthiest investors could help launch and grow vegan companies. 

Today, vegan investors at all wealth levels can have a big influence on the things that matter most to vegans – animal rights, human health, and vibrant ecosystems. 

This is a unique opportunity to merge vegan ethics with entrepreneurial leadership. Vegan Launch is on the cutting edge of making early stage investing more ethical and more inclusive.

a new way to express your vegan values

vegan companies are changing the world for the better

the vegan launch investor platform

Businesses have a central role in creating world culture. Yet, each big business today was once a startup. 

In addition to education and activism, we must also provide seamless financing for vegan businesses if we wish to build a vegan future.

With Vegan Launch, you can participate in something completely new – an ethical and inclusive finance system dedicated to growing vegan led, vegan value businesses from startups into economic leaders.

a holistic approach

Since 2019, Vegan Launch has helped fund several vegan companies. Thousands more vegan companies need capital. A new approach is needed to accelerate vegan business formations and growth. 

Our investor platform provides investors of every capacity and nationality the opportunity help build vegan companies around the world. 

The more investors that join our Investor Platform, the larger amounts of investment capital we can put to work addressing today’s animal rights, human health, and environmental challenges.

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