Get Paid For Your Vegan Leadership

You deserve a piece of the pie for your hard work changing people’s hearts and minds. Earn recurring income by sharing Vegan Launch with your social networks.


Earn lifetime and recurring revenue on all purchases made by your referrals to Vegan Launch. Two-tier program can further increase earnings. 


By reading and sharing our content, you’ll gain exciting insights on creating long-lasting cultural change through vegan financial organizing.


Ready to take your leadership to a new level? Use the Vegan Launch platform to design, develop, and finance your visionary business projects.

Movements Create Markets

Each new person that goes vegan shifts the economy toward a more compassionate and healthy lifestyle. By sharing Vegan Launch, you’re helping start and grow companies that expand adoption of vegan values even further.

Earn recurring income sharing Vegan Launch with friends and associates

Vegan Launch provides a new way for activists, influencers, and others to earn recurring income while helping grow the vegan economy. 

All companies have marketing budgets. We want to share our marketing budget as much as possible with those who are building the vegan economy with their often unpaid and unrecognized efforts.

We invite you to join our Affiliate marketing team. Vegan Launch Affiliates receive full lifetime commissions on all purchases made by customers they refer, including recurring membership dues and advisory fees.

We provide regular, thought-provoking posts on vegan finance, entrepreneurship, and leadership that you can easily share with your followers. 

Sharing our content takes just a few minutes. We’ll send you an email each time we post new content. Simply click to the content page and share with your network using the share buttons.

Current commission schedule is 20% of the total on the following services:

  • Investor Membership
  • One on One Entrepreneur Mentoring
  • Small Group Mentoring 

For additional details, please contact us at hello@veganlaunch.com

Apply to become a Vegan Launch Affiliate

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