Fishing nets pollution

How vegans and environmentalists can use public finance to help clean up ocean plastics

A study conducted by Ocean Cleanup in 2018 revealed that fishing nets account for about half of ocean plastic pollution. Many organizations promoted this study urging people to go vegan. We agree with that! We can stop half the problem of new ocean plastic pollution just by leaving fish off of our plates.

Yet, environmentalists and vegans can do more as a community to clean up our oceans and end the production of new ocean plastics by working together as “citizen financiers”.

Using new “public investment” approaches, we can join together to:

– Help finance the growth of companies that are already cleaning the ocean.

– Help finance the transformation of fishing companies into ocean plastic cleanup companies.

– Help finance companies working to end the production of every kind of ocean plastic pollution.

Vegan Launch helps investors of all types come together to finance vegan and ecological value-driven companies dedicated to solving our world's challenges.

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