How It Works

a new way to fund vegan businesses

  • For most vegan founders, raising capital is an obstacle to success, rooted in false scarcity and competition. 
  • By organizing public venture capital rounds in the Vegan Launch community, funding vegan companies becomes cooperative and straightforward.
  • Below are replicable steps that maximize a project's potential for success. Vegan founders and leaders no longer have to go it alone. 

the basic steps


Founder produces capitalization plan and GAAP compliant financials with mentoring and technical assistance as needed.


A public investment offering is posted on the appropriate third-party public investment platform.


Project raises $50,000 or more from friends, family, customers, and the Vegan Launch community.


For larger raises up to $5 million and more, the project is professionally marketed publicly to vegan & green retail investors outside the Vegan Launch community.

risk reduction strategies

Mark was incredibly helpful in pushing me to think bigger and refining my pitch to plant-based investors, which ultimately lead to me closing my pre-seed raise within weeks of his coaching.

Aki Kaltenbach, Founder, Save da Sea

Not only is Mark a wealth of knowledge on raising capital and vegan business, but he’s also incredibly humble. Because of his advice early on, we received the funding our company needed to get started. I’m excited to follow Vegan Launch, what he’s created is nothing short of amazing.

Margaux Khoury, Co-Founder, Impact Veganics

I first met Mark in 2019 and was immediately impressed by his plan to use investing to improve the compassion of this planet. His passion for veganism mixed with years of knowledge in the financial and charity sectors have positioned him in the ideal place to create a platform that helps people who want to change the world invest in vegan companies.

I was so moved by the vision that I became an angel investor in Vegan Launch itself. Since then, I have watched the company grow into the sleek and professional platform that it is today. I have invested in two other vegan startups as a member so far, and look forward to seeing more opportunities as Vegan Launch grows.

Dean Hirsch – London, UK

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