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Vegan Launch is a vegan investment crowdfunding platform. We connect values-driven investors with early-stage vegan companies. Help grow the vegan economy!

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Value-driven investments

Investing in the stock market as an ethical consumer today is nearly impossible. Through Vegan Launch you can fund early-stage companies that share your values. Together we grow the vegan economy.

Investments from just $100

Many investment offers on Vegan Launch have minimum investment levels far below traditional angel and VC style investing. We make it easy for you to participate in the vegan companies you love.

Become a better investor

New to early-stage investing? Most people have never done it! We offer free foundational investor education to all Vegan Launch members. Start your journey today and invest in the growing vegan economy!

Become a vegan investor today!

Together we can shift the economy towards more ethical and sustainable practices. Many of the companies we help launch today can become the economic and cultural leaders of tomorrow.

Some of the companies that previously received funding from Vegan Launch members

Save Da Sea logo

Canadian vegan smoked salmon producer

Worldwide vegan travel services

The Vegan Filter

Online shopping assistant. #1 tool for vegans on Chrome

Mighty Pea

UK-based plant milk manufacturer

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