GDPR Compliance

Vegan Launch does not currently use any cookies or scripts to track site visitors for marketing purposes. This website only uses scripts and cookies that are essential for basic operations and security against malicious traffic.

  • Since we are not using any marketing cookies or scripts that could be controlled by GDPR opt-in forms, we are not providing a GDPR opt-in form on this website.
  • If Vegan Launch begins using cookies and scripts for marketing purposes, we will add a GDPR opt-in form to this website allowing visitors to control any marketing-related tracking information that we might wish to collect.

Vegan Launch uses Google’s CAPTCHA service to block malicious traffic. Please read Google’s Privacy and Terms pages to learn how their CAPTCHA service interacts with website traffic and manages for GDPR compliance.

If there are any questions regarding our GDPR compliance policy you may email us via [email protected]

Last Edited on December 30, 2022

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