Scale Up Without Compromising Your Ethics

You want to change the world while growing a profitable vegan business. Vegan Launch is here to help you efficiently accomplish your boldest vision.


Get clear on your personal vision and life purpose. Create inspiring business goals that encompass your most important values and the change you want to see in the world.


Design optimal business and capital  steps that map your actions into a reality of success in all areas of your life. Identify and solve resource constraints far in advance to streamline growth.


For any business stage,  learn which features and benefits appeal most to investors, how to find and market to investor prospects,  and how to conduct and close your financing round.


Lack of clarity about your personal vision can drain your energy, and create real financial scarcity and overwhelm. Learning to express your purpose in simple terms can help you feel more confident and achieve results more easily.


Some people never find a clear purpose in life. Others take months or even years. 

Our unique, 2-hour Leader Tuneup gives you the ability to design profound commitments and choose which ones are are truly most important to you. 

Have you ever wondered how famous leaders handle so many projects? The Leader Tuneup directly increases your ability to achieve big goals.


Growing a business can seem like a constant struggle for money, resources, and time. 

Refining your purpose allows you to drop excess efforts that neither forward your vision nor increase earnings. 

Expressing your goals with clarity and enthusiasm helps you foster positive, coordinated action in others, while increasing your own productivity and quality of life.


All business transactions involve agreements between your customers, your team, and your investors. 

Compared to being an employee, running a business requires you to make vital agreements every day.

Upgrading your leadership language helps you create agreements that can go the distance and provide long-term value for all parties.


Not knowing key business, finance, and technology concepts can destroy your business. Most business mentors have no understanding of vegan values. Vegan Launch provides clear strategic guidance, fine-tuned to your personal and ethical business commitments.

Creating Value

Is running your business little more than an endless to-do list? 

At Vegan Launch, strategic planning starts by understanding your business from the perspective of an investor. After all, you are the biggest investor in your company. 

We help you see that growing your business is a sequence of steps that create increasing value for all participants. Even if you never take in outside investors, this understanding will transform the way you plan your business and handle your daily tasks.


Finance and capital can seem shrouded in mystery. Needless complexity and competition limits the growth of vegan companies. Our decades of purpose-driven business design and fundraising experience provides a straight path to funding your vegan business.


Many early entrepreneurs use incorrect business and financial design. This can result in disputes among team members and business partners that can destroy the business and friendships, and result in huge financial losses and missed opportunities. 

Understanding entrepreneurial finance and fundraising allows you to make long range plans, and communicate with wealthy individuals and funds as equals instead of as a beggar hoping to get lucky. 


The conventional media has created a false sense of scarcity and competition for entrepreneurial capital. This misunderstanding can lead entrepreneurs to pursue high-risk capital strategies.

Vegan Launch recognizes that vegan investors manage trillions of dollars of stock investments. Given that there is no scarcity of vegan-valued money in the world, we help your draw a straight line to the financial resources you need to grow your business.


It can take a decade to learn finance and capital on one’s own, or two years in an Ivy League college MBA program. 

In 2017, the top 10 U.S. MBA programs cost an average of $130,000. Boarding, books, and lost income, can bring the total cost to over $300,000.  

Vegan Launch entrepreneurs gain key understandings needed to raise capital in a matter of weeks and can potentially be raising capital within three months.

How do we define a Vegan Business?

(A) The company aims to deliver benefits reflecting the vegan value set – animal rights, human health, and ecological vitality. Projects that are highly focused on one aspect are ok. Projects with multiple benefits are better. Projects that benefit one aspect but produce obvious negative outcomes in others require revision.

(B) The lead entrepreneur and key staff should be committed vegans themselves. The company does not use any part of its business operations to infringe on animal rights or pay for animal cruelty, including cafeteria meals, per diems, testing, or other so-called “incidental” uses.  

(C) The capital plan and business concept make sense to investors on their own merits, and do not require investors to take a charitable view of the company to rationalize their investment decision.

The final decision on the worthiness of a project is made by our investor members themselves. We present concepts to investors as early as possible to gauge interest and gather useful feedback for entrepreneurs as they design their capital offers.

Let's Get Started

Learn about our service offerings for vegan entrepreneurs, and complete the Vegan Entrepreneur Intake Form if appropriate. We reply personally to all entrepreneurs who apply to participate in the Vegan Launch community.

A unique approach to serving vegan entrepreneurs

Our Entrepreneur Intake Form is the starting point to accomplishing your vegan business mission. 

Capital Introductions – Vegan Launch does not charge upfront or success fees to introduce well-prepared entrepreneurs to our investor member community. Capital ready deals will be placed in our fundraising pipeline as soon as possible assuming solid business design, a strong vegan value proposition, and minimal “red flags”. 

Our business model is such that we derive sufficient value by providing this capital introduction service with no upfront charge and no commission. As a rule, entrepreneurs should not consider Vegan Launch as their funder of last resort, but rather as a contributor to an overall successful funding strategy.

We recommend that vegan entrepreneurs who are not currently designing legally compliant securities offers or already raising money into such offers consider applying for one of the following training programs. 

Individual One on One Mentoring – includes four private mentoring session per month with Mark Winstein, and unlimited communication via email and voice chat. The program costs $6250 per month with a minimum engagement of four months. 

One on One Mentoring is ideal for first time entrepreneurs who have a fairly large nest egg but don’t want to squander their savings making newbie entrepreneur mistakes, and instead want to build a scalable vegan brand primarily via entrepreneurial leadership. 

Small Group Mentoring – includes unlimited Q&A via private Facebook Group and two live, voice interactive webinars per month led by Mark Winstein. The program costs $500 per month with a minimum engagement of four months. 

This program is suitable for entrepreneurs on a shoestring budget but who are willing to do what it takes to learn business and financial fundamentals that would otherwise cost them over $300,000 in a top-10 business school. The program also includes advanced, purpose-driven business, financial, and marketing strategies rarely if ever taught in any business school. 

Limited Free Training – Entrepreneurs who are not able to afford our paid programs are still encouraged to complete the Entrepreneur Intake Form and receive limited free training via our Entrepreneurs email list and by posting questions to our general Facebook Group.

Be Part of a Community of Like-Minded People

For too long, ethical and purpose-driven entrepreneurs have had to “go it alone”. This heroic approach limits the launch and growth of high impact vegan businesses, and needlessly slows expansion of the vegan economy.

Today’s challenges are bigger than ever. The overly competitive business development and financing methods of the past are not well-suited to today’s leaders who must work together as never before to address our biggest ethical, health, and environmental issues. This is why we provide a unique,  integrated system for developing and financing vegan businesses.

Nobody can guarantee that your company will raise capital or succeed, and Vegan Launch is no different in that regard. In the end, your success is your responsibility. That said, we share your vegan motivation, and are here to help you find the shortest possible path to your goals.

We look forward to getting to know you and working together.

Vegan Entrepreneur Intake Form

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