Capitalism for Activists

Mark Winstein · March 4, 2021


Learn how you can help protect animal rights, human health, and the planet by making strategic investments of $100 or more in vegan startups.

Until now, investing in vegan startups has been largely the domain of a few vegan venture capital funds and ultra-high net worth individuals. With recent advances in US and world financial laws and technology, all this is changing, and fast!

This free course explains how anyone able to invest $100 or more can take part in this new reality to create exceptional positive vegan impact with strong capital appreciation potential.

Today, vegan and green “retail” investors hold $30 trillion in their public stock portfolios. With the training provided in this course, these forgotten investors can work together in unprecedented new ways to protect the planet, human health, and animal rights at a rate and scale appropriate to the issues that matter most.

Take this free course today and become a financial activist!

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Your personal activist investment thesis
Becoming a Citizen Financier

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Mark Winstein

I've been developing public venture capital strategies for environmental and social progress since 2001. Previously, I co-founded a national environmental group in Washington, DC, and built a for-profit conservation business. I went vegan 2016 and never looked back!

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Capitalism for Activists

Learn how to protect animals, people, and the planet with investments of $100 or more in vegan startups.