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The Capital Raising Crash Course is my complete, step by step guide to raising capital and providing ethical investor exits for any type of business, from one-off restaurants to scalable growth companies!

Price: $39.99
Release Date: April 30, 2023

The Problem

Dear Vegan Entrepreneur,

Most business founders focus most of their attention on designing and selling their products and services. Yet most businesses will need capital one day to grow and achieve their ultimate goals.

Unfortunately, most business founders don’t even start thinking about raising capital until it’s way too late and their back is up against the wall. Few have any idea about the strange art and science of raising capital.

Other founders spend vast amounts of time writing pitch decks, pitching to anyone who will listen, sending proposals to Angel Groups and Venture Capital Funds, only to one day discover that these types of investors don’t fund your type of company.

In desperation, founders start borrowing money, even though they don’t truly have the capacity to repay their loans. And the death spiral begins.

The Solution

In most countries, the process of raising capital is highly regulated. The secret to raising capital is to map out the steps in the right sequence before you dive headlong into product development and sales. This avoids costly legal fees and even government actions against illegal fundraising campaigns.

If you’re already in the thick of things, this book will help you quickly become ready to receive capital. If you know what you’re doing and what to say, miracles can happen. They’ve happened a lot for me. In this eBook, I’ll show you how to be prepared for the investment checks to roll in at any time.

Some people who read this eBook and take action will be ready to receive investment checks within just a week or two. It’s really up to you!

What about Crowdfunding you ask? Crowdfunding is an amazing tool, but if you don’t have your own crowd, the chance of success is very slim. So many founders waste months and months, or squander outrageous sums on crowdfunding deal marketers, only to raise too little, too late.

  • In Capital Raising Crash Course, you’ll learn how to raise capital in the exact right way from the exact right people, at the exact right time.
  • You’ll learn how to always be legally compliant without paying huge fees to securities attorneys out of your own pocket.
  • You’ll learn how to be confident, and truly serve your investors now and long into the future.
  • You’ll never run out of money again, and you’ll never make huge mistakes out of financial desperation.

Yes, raising capital can be time consuming, but if you know the right steps in the right order, you have a the best chance of succeeding as fast as possible. The sooner you start preparing, the sooner you can start receiving. And without spending a dime on attorneys and expensive, incompetent deal marketers.

Learning the facts about raising capital for any type of business will also make you a much better businessperson, because you’ll see your company through the eyes of an investor. And, after all, you are the biggest investor in your company!

Just by reading this eBook, you’ll find yourself making far better decisions at every step of your business journey.

I wrote Capital Raising Crash Course because over the past 30+ years I’ve made every possible mistake raising money for my own dream businesses and charities. I raise money when I couldn’t afford food the next week. And I also raised money just replying to random emails and friends I met on the street.

I want to save you from all the mistakes and stress, and really succeed. Because I know that if you succeed, we’ll finally turn this crazy animal-eating planet around!

In total, I’ve raised over $5 million over the past 30+ years for incredibly challenging businesses and NGO’s. My students have had big successes, too. Once you get the knack of how to ask for money, who to ask, and when to ask, the sky is the limit.

Through all these years of fundraising experience, research, and mentoring, I’ve discovered the most common mistakes made by most every business founders and how to solve them FAST! If you want to really master any art, you need a mentor. Trial and error just won’t cut it if you’re serious about growing your business.

With Capital Raising Crash Course, you’ll get all my best mentoring in one, low-cost, step by step guide. It really a cookbook for raising capital!

In short, if you want to become a capital raising expert for any type of business, not just Silicon Valley tech companies, you need this book! I’m not kidding!

Mark Winstein
Founder, Vegan Launch

PS – The Capital Raising Crash Course is suitable for all founders, not just vegans, but WTF are you waiting for? GO VEGAN!

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    Capital Raising Crash Course!

    eBook Release Date: April 30, 2023