Understanding Money, Cash Flow, and Assets

This is the first lesson in the Vegan Early Stage Investing Course. Today you’ll learn about money, cash flow, and assets, the building blocks of all western business, finance, and investing. By educating yourself on early stage investing, you can help create the future instead of waiting for others to do it for you.

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Why I won’t invest in Beyond Meat – Vegan Financier

At this point, for vegans to buy stock in Beyond Meat seems to me to be primarily for sentimental reasons. With hundreds of other vegan investment opportunities available at potentially higher returns to investors, why would vegans want to take such on so much financial risk with Beyond Meat just to feel better about their portfolio?

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How much money should I invest in vegan startups?

Now that investing in startups is becoming increasingly accessible to the general public, it’s important for vegan investors to learn key fundamentals so they can enjoy the outsized profit (and risk!) potential, and have a greater say in which kind of companies get funded and build our future economy.

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Capitalism for Activists

Learn how to protect animals, people, and the planet with investments of $100 or more in vegan startups.