The Future of Ethical Business Starts Here

Vegan Launch provides an inclusive funding system built on vegan ethics




moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity.


Imagine a world where humans no longer exploit animals. 

What kinds of businesses would operate in this future vegan economy? How would these companies treat their employees and the environment?

We believe the best way to create this future is to start building these companies today. 

Vegan businesses have a unique advantage over other forms of ethical persuasion. The more cultural agreement they create, the faster they can grow. 

This is why Vegan Launch is a pioneer in financial organizing – using business and finance in peaceful, self-sustaining, and inclusive ways to create cultural agreement around vegan ethics.




not excluding any section of society or any party involved in something.

To grow the vegan economy, one of the most important needs is to efficiently provide seed and early stage rounds of capital to vegan startups.

By using technology and finance laws in ways that include as many investors and entrepreneurs as possible, Vegan Launch can help more vegan entrepreneurs raise capital and bring their visions to fruition.

Here’s how Vegan Launch brings together vegan entrepreneurs and investors to rapidly launch and grow vegan businesses:

    1. Vegan entrepreneurs introduce their projects to Vegan Launch via our Entrepreneur Mentoring Platform. We then provide strategic financial guidance at no cost.

    2. When entrepreneurs are ready to receive investments, we post their financial offerings in The Vegan Launch Investor Platform.

While any investor of any means and any nationality can register in our investor platform, financial laws and other factors may limit participation in certain opportunities to persons from specific countries, those who meet income or net worth thresholds, or those who can comfortably afford an offer’s minimum investment levels. Investors registered in our platform will only be shown projects which match their suitability profiles. 

The increasing enactment and acceptance of investment crowdfunding regulations gives Vegan Launch more creativity than ever to help design and showcase investment offers that can fund vegan ethical businesses of every size and type. Day by day, we are expanding participation to reach our goal that all vegan investors everywhere will have the opportunity to invest in any vegan business, anywhere in the world.

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