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millions of vegan investors.
thousands of vegan entrepreneurs.

Vegan Launch’s streamlined business development system helps vegan investors and entrepreneurs work together to transform our economy.  

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Removing animals from commerce, reducing chronic illness, and restoring our ecosystems represents tens of trillions of dollars of potential market opportunities for vegan entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, 4 million global vegan investors hold over $2 trillion in public stocks. 

There is no shortage of ethical capital to build vegan businesses now and grow a new vegan economy – without waiting for governments or old-line financial institutions to act.

a comprehensive global approach

Mission specific services for all types of vegan investors and entrepreneurs

vegan investor platform

Nearly all of the growth in the vegan economy is happening in the “private investment” space. 

Our high-tech investment platform helps you invest in inspiring privately-held vegan businesses from small local firms to “unicorns” in the making. 

Whether you are a large or small investor, you’ll increasingly find vegan investment projects you can love and afford. 

vegan entrepreneur mentoring platform

Our semi-automated platform helps us provide free mentoring to vegan entrepreneurs seeking capital to grow their business. 

Entrepreneurs learn financial literacy and leadership skills to produce strategic plans, projections, and presentations that appeal to ethical investors.