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New capitalization methods for stronger ethical outcomes and higher investment returns

Dear Vegan Investor,

Vegan Launch’s pioneering participation and liquidity methods provide a completely new way to grow the vegan economy and solves the negative impacts of conventional business financing methods on the vegan movement.



Investing in publicly-traded stocks is a terrible way to vote with your investment dollars for a vegan world.

  • Only one in 10,000 companies worldwide trade publicly. Most vegan companies will never provide a liquidity event for early investors.
  • The public stock markets today are primarily places for Venture Capital Funds to pump and dump their holdings onto the general public.
  • Most people who invested in Beyond Meat and Oatly have paper losses nearing 100% while private VC funds walked off with all the profits.


What about investing with or along side Venture Capital Funds? To avoid costly legal regulations, VC funds are limited to 100 fund investors.

For example, in a VC-fund of $100 million of assets under supervision, the average investment is $1 million, making this investment style suitable for retirement funds, endowments, and ultra high net worth individuals, not for the majority of vegans.

  • VC-backed firms that don’t IPO are forced to merge with animal-exploiting conglomerates to provide quick profits to VC fund managers.
  • Miyoko Schinner, founder of Miyoko’s Creamery, is battling VC fund managers who fired her as CEO just one year after providing $50 million in capital.
  • The standard financial and business design of all VC funds makes ethical exits almost impossible.

The loss of ethical control and continuity in VC-backed vegan companies is becoming more and more common. A different style of financing is urgently needed to assure veganism doesn’t collapse just as it enters the mainstream economy.

Over 2000 vegan-led companies are currently seeking capital today. Most will never receive any capital from VC funds, vegan or otherwise. VC-style investing was designed for the tech sector. It is the wrong way to finance the ethically-motivated, vegan-led companies that are transforming the economy.


Investing in vegan friends and family rounds and equity crowdfunding campaigns is even more risky for investors and the expansion of vegan ethics.

  • Most vegan startups raising capital using either of these two approaches will never have a liquidity event, leaving investors with 100% losses.
  • Without strong guidance and oversight regarding business operations and finance, most vegan companies who raise capital this way will go bankrupt.

Please continue reading to learn how Vegan Launch is addressing each of these systemic limitations to growth of veganism and the vegan economy.


There is no shortage of ethical capital

The chart below shows that $30 trillion is held in the public investment portfolios of people who care about animals, the environment, and human health. There is virtually unlimited ethical capital in the hands of passionate investors eager to help build a vibrant new economy!

$30 trillion in public stocks are held by environmentally-minded and vegan investors.

This chart demonstrates that there is enough vegan-motivated capital to easily fund the growth needs of every vegan company seeking funding today. Vegan Launch is working to assure that no vegan business ever languishes due to lack of capital.

Vegan ethical investments are all around us

The opportunities are equally vast. Vegan Launch has identified $15 trillion of vegan investment opportunities across a wide range of industry sectors.

$15 trillion in vegan ethical investments are possible today.

Vegan Launch offers new investment strategies to repurpose this vast amount of ethically-motivated wealth into the equally vast ethical investment opportunities.

Vegan Launch’s Solutions

Our innovative approaches let every ethical investor help finance vegan-led businesses around the world, from small restaurants to scalable enterprises.

Grassroots Vegan Fund

Vegan Launch is building a publicly-traded vegan business development fund to finance large numbers of vegan startups while solving the ethical liquidity challenge for today’s vegan-led companies.

The Grassroots Vegan Fund is designed to list on the NASDAQ, providing participation in the vegan economy for all global investors while securing permanent capital to vegan-led startups of every type. This innovative public investment fund structure eliminates the need for pump and dump IPO’s or mergers with animal-exploiting conglomerates in order to provide investor liquidity.

As a public investment product, the Fund own broad-based marketing and PR efforts can expand global awareness about the plant-based lifestyle. This will help grow the companies in the fund and expand the entire vegan movement.

Vegan Launch Syndicate

  • Investors of any capacity, anywhere in the world, can join our investor syndicate to receive email and text alerts about new funding projects in our pipeline.
  • The Syndicate helps grow pioneering, revenue-generating vegan-led companies like restaurants, permaculture farms, plant-based medical clinics, as well as scalable vegan-led startups.
  • Our unique Convertible Equity approach allows Syndicate members to convert initial equity investments into cash or repayable loans once companies have profitable cashflow goals.
  • There is no cost to join the Vegan Launch Syndicate. We do not receive commissions on member investments.

Custom Strategies for High Net Worth Individuals

It saddens me when I see ultra-wealthy vegans squandering their rare capital in ways that neither fulfill their vegan ethical goals nor produce strong capital appreciation.

The image below lays out what I call The Four Investment Quadrants. As a high net worth vegan, a portion of your capital can be deployed in Low Risk, High Return investments that simultaneously fulfill your ethical aspirations and even directly fund your favorite vegan charities.

As a strategic expert in politics, modern finance, and NGO design, I can show you how to make the biggest possible difference and the biggest possible financial returns at the same time. To learn more, please request a meeting with me at [email protected]

Thank you!

Thank you very much for reading this page, and for considering participating in Vegan Launch’s mission to use finance, business, and the human spirit to build the most enjoyable, healthy, and peaceful vegan future we can imagine!

Mark Winstein
Founder, Vegan Launch

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