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Vegan financial community for FOUNDERS, investors, and Organizers

let's work together to grow the vegan economy!

At Vegan Launch, investors of any capacity can work with vegan founders and financial organizers to design, launch, and grow inspiring vegan businesses.

With today's investment minimums of as little as $100, everyone can play an important role in creating a vibrant vegan economy!

The Vegan Launch community platform helps activist-minded investors of any economic status work together with vegan business founders to ramp up the vegan economy using inclusive, modern public venture capital approaches.



At Vegan Launch everyone can participate in the first rounds of vegan startups long before an IPO - with investment checks as small as $100.


Stop hunting for investors and pitching like mad. At Vegan Launch, you learn modern financial strategies to raise the capital you need.


Increase your community building abilities. Learn how to finance economic change at scale to veganize your city, region, country, or industry.

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Why Vegan Launch is Different

Most people who invest in vegan startups today will lose all their money, and most vegan startups will fail due to lack of capital. Without a new approach to vegan finance itself, animal exploitation will continue to grow.

Almost all vegan investing today follows outdated Venture Capital style financial practices. The VC approach creates about 500 business failures for every winner.

VC style investing is the wrong approach for creating ethical shifts at a large enough scale to resolve today's most pressing issues, the wrong approach for all but the top 1% of vegan investors, and the wrong approach for most all scalable vegan businesses… 

Instead of attempting to pick winners, Vegan Launch provides a training and capital assembly line that mass-produces vegan financial leaders who are growing truly world-changing vegan businesses. 

Just as important, Vegan Launch is solving the liquidity problem for vegan startup investors. 

Today, the only cash exits available to most vegan startup investors are IPO's, mergers, and acquisitions. These liquidity options are not appropriate for most companies that hold a long-term commitment to vegan cultural change. 

Sadly, most vegan companies that have provided liquidity to their early investors to date did so by merging with ethically-bankrupt conglomerates which suck money out of the vegan movement while spending most of their marketing and lobbying dollars promoting animal exploitation. 

Instead, Vegan Launch is developing modern liquidity options for investors that allow them to cash out their holdings without selling out the animals! With our unique approach to liquidity, investors do not have to choose between vegan ethics and cashing out at a profit.

Everyone can take our...

Online Course!

Capitalism for Activists

Learn how to protect animals, people, and the planet with investments of $100 or more in vegan startups.

Learn modern, advanced financing strategies to expand your ethical investing footprint and minimize investment risk in your startup portfolio.

Learn how to use finance as a social organizing tool to help veganize the world.

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Unleash The Power of Vegan Financial Activism

You already know you can vote with your dollars as a vegan consumer. Imagine the power you hold in your hands when you vote with your investment dollars to build the vegan economy!

Vegan Launch is on a mission to empower all ethical investors and all vegan founders to transform the world by working together in a collaborative, results oriented community. 

Vegans and environmentalists hold $30 trillion of investment capital today. There is no shortage of money to solve our biggest challenges. 

Thousands of vegans are growing companies to transform every corner of the economy. When investors and founders work together, we can create lasting solutions and strong economic value while changing how animals are treated and how we take care of people and the planet. 

Vegan Launch members can do something that is truly new: merge vegan ethics and market forces to create a more compassionate, healthy, and peaceful future!

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What others are saying...

Mark was incredibly helpful in pushing me to think bigger and refining my pitch to plant-based investors, which ultimately lead to me closing my pre-seed raise within weeks of his coaching.

Aki Kaltenbach, Founder, Save da Sea

Not only is Mark a wealth of knowledge on raising capital and vegan business, but he’s also incredibly humble. Because of his advice early on, we received the funding our company needed to get started. I’m excited to follow Vegan Launch, what he’s created is nothing short of amazing.

Margaux Khoury, Co-Founder, Impact Veganics

I first met Mark in 2019 and was immediately impressed by his plan to use investing to improve the compassion of this planet. His passion for veganism mixed with years of knowledge in the financial and charity sectors have positioned him in the ideal place to create a platform that helps people who want to change the world invest in vegan companies.

I was so moved by the vision that I became an angel investor in Vegan Launch itself. Since then, I have watched the company grow into the sleek and professional platform that it is today. I have invested in two other vegan startups as a member so far, and look forward to seeing more opportunities as Vegan Launch grows.

Dean Hirsch – London, UK

Meet The Founder

Hi, I'm Mark Winstein, founder of Vegan Launch. I became an environmentalist at the first Earth Day in 1970 and went on to found several environmental businesses and NGO's.

Going vegan in 2016 changed everything for me! In 2018, I launched Vegan Launch to help investors of all types and vegan founders work together to grow businesses that can truly protect animals, people, and ecosystems. 

Since then, Vegan Launch has helped vegan business founders raise over $650k in early-stage investment capital. 

Now, with our new community platform, we aim replicate these early successes at scale to bring $1 trillion of new investment capital into the vegan economy by 2025.

More About Vegan Launch

Vegan Launch is a new kind of enterprise: a for-profit financial organizing community designed to guide $1 trillion of investment capital into the animal rights, ecology, and plant-based health economies by 2025.

We provide a unique setting for investors of any financial capacity and nationality to work closely with vegan business founders and financial organizers to finance solutions to today's most pressing challenges which, as vegans understand, have common roots in animal exploitation.

To mobilize a sufficiently large amount of capital to address today's massive challenges at scale while still maintaining distributed financial leadership and decision-making requires efficient training and support for investors, founders, and organizers at each step of their journey. 

That's why Vegan Launch is an education and organizing platform, not a deal transaction platform. The actual sales of the public venture capital investment products we design collaboratively inside the Vegan Launch community are managed via strategic partnerships with specialist fintech platforms.

Please watch the explainer video below to learn more about how Vegan Launch works and discover where you will get the most value by joining the community!

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A completely new approach to vegan progress...

Today, most vegan, environmental, and social progress is constrained by the underlying financially-limiting design of all non-profit organizations and governments. These types of institutions are not capable of organizing sufficient amounts of ethical capital to resolve today's mega-challenges.

Yet there is no ethical capital shortage! 

The charts below show that environmental and vegan investors hold $30 trillion of investment capital. Non-accredited vegan investors alone hold $1 trillion of that total. 

By fusing activism with modern “public venture capital” style financing, the Vegan Launch community is helping reinvest this vast amount of ethical capital into the thousands of businesses working today to build a new economy benefitting animals, people, and the planet. 

The vegan companies we launch and grow today will be the ethical economic leaders of tomorrow. 

Get Instant Access to the Vegan Launch Financial Organizing Community!

Pay Monthly

$ 100 1 Month Guarantee
  • Recurring Monthly Payment
  • Easily cancel your membership subscription from your account settings

Take the next step to success as an investor, founder, or organizer!

Sign up today at no risk. If you're not completely satisfied, we will cheerfully refund your first month payment!