What if your investments could reflect your vegan values?

Now you can help shape and grow our vegan future with your investment dollars!

A Community For Growing the Vegan Economy

Vegan Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers working together for animal rights, human health, and a vibrant environment…


Early-stage investors set the direction of westernized societies. The companies you help launch today will lead society tomorrow.


You want to change the world and grow a profitable vegan business. Vegan Launch is here to help you accomplish your boldest vision.


You deserve a piece of the pie for your work educating society. Earn recurring income by sharing Vegan Launch with your social networks.

Vegan Launch connects you to the world of vegan investing...

  • Growth = Profits. Today, no 100% vegan companies offer publicly traded stock. Vegan Launch sends investors six to twelve opportunities per year to invest in privately held companies that share your vegan values and commitments.
  • Movements create markets. Thanks to years of activism, today's vegan economy is growing fast. Through Vegan Launch, investors, entrepreneurs, and influencers can help assure that core vegan values are strengthened and promoted along with this growth.
  • Businesses create culture. Today we live in a world designed by McDonald's and Walmart. With Vegan Launch, you can invest and work with a community of other vegans to grow a more just, healthy, and compassionate economy.
5 Vegan Businesses You Should Be Investing In Today

Gain vital insights into the growing vegan economy...

  • How big is the vegan economy today?
  • Vegan growth trends and opportunities
  • How to find vegan investment offers
Vegan Launch Founder Mark Winstein

Vegan Launch is for people like you...

If you’re like me, you want to make a difference, not just make money. 

Vegan Launch grew from my lifelong effort to solve environmental and social challenges with creative business, financial, and community organizing strategies. 

Let’s work together as investors and leaders to build a better world for ourselves and our children.

Mark Winstein, Founder

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