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Members can lead public venture capital rounds of $50,000 to $75 million in vegan startups with investments of as little as $100!

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Capitalism for Activists

Learn how to protect animals, people, and the planet with investments of $100 or more in vegan startups.

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The charts below show that there is no shortage of vegan capital. In fact, non-accredited vegan investors alone hold $1 trillion in public stocks! 

Today, most vegan capital offers are seen only by the top 1% of investors while most vegan wealth is held by non-millionaires and lower-level millionaires. 

The recent Game Stop turnaround shows that when investors of all wealth classes work together, we can truly change society. 

New US financial rules and fintech platforms allow Vegan Launch to bring retail-style financial activism to the world of vegan startups. 

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Like Facebook and Reddit, but without censors and trolls! Work with like-minded members to finance vegan startups!

investing has changed

Before 2016, only the wealthiest investors could help launch and grow most startups. 

Now, investors everywhere – and at all wealth levels – can help grow vegan companies committed to animals, people, and the planet. 

This is a unique opportunity to merge vegan ethics and activism with financial and business leadership. 

the challenge

Today, over 2000 vegan companies are seeking capital. Without a new approach to finance, most will fail.

Thanks to the resurgence of public venture capital, it is possible to provide all vegan founders the capital they need to solve today's most pressing challenges.

The marketing of public vegan investment products can further help society learn about the myriad benefits of the vegan lifestyle.

Now, you can participate in something new – an ethical and inclusive investment community dedicated to growing vegan led, vegan value businesses from startups into economic leaders.

member advantage

Value-driven investments

Investing in the stock market as an ethical consumer today is nearly impossible. Vegan Launch you helps you fund early-stage companies that share your values. Let's work together to create a vegan future.

Investments from just $100

Public offers by vegan founders in we work with are far more affordable than typical private offers which have minimums of $10,000 and more. Broad investor participation means more successful startups.

Become a better investor

New to early-stage investing? Most people have never done it! We offer free foundational investor education to all Vegan Launch members. Start your journey today and help grow the vegan economy!

vote with your investment dollars

Vegan companies are changing the world for the better. Below are some that received funding from Vegan Launch members. 

Vegan smoked salmon producer

Worldwide vegan travel services

Browser shopping assistant 

UK-based plant milk manufacturer

Become a vegan financial activist today!

Free Online Course!

Capitalism for Activists

Learn how to protect animals, people, and the planet with investments of $100 or more in vegan startups.